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A Baton Day in the Life

Last Friday I carried the One Woman Shop baton on Instagram showing some behind the scenes shots of my own one gal biz.  I first had the honor of carrying the OWS baton in 2014 — I can’t believe it was two years ago!  After just rereading my recap from back then, I’m realizing how much things have changed.

See my first baton day here + my recent recap below…

I juggle my small biz(es) Monday through Thursday alongside my day job, but Fridays are all mine to focus on bird + beau, the market, + any other side projects I’ve got in the works!

Last week, I hunkered down at Sola Coffee for a solid three hours to catch up on Makers Market happenings.  Then I spent my day working on colorful paper flowers for local shop, Nora & Nicky’s, drinking smoothies (trying to be healthy… you know, after drinking lattes), & attempting to organize my studio.

I’d love to hear how you structure your day + juggle the maker life with a day job.  (And… hey, you could sign up for the OWS baton too!)


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