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Things are Totally Gonna Work Out

Hibernation was long this winter.  But spring has sprung and things are good.  Having some serious brainstorms over here, still highly inspired from my recent trip to the Makers Summit.

Mapping + planning came up a few times at the conference, so I’m taking some time to get real and put my notes into play.  I enjoy doing such a variety of things, but don’t want to risk being spread too thin to do any of them well.  So how do you pare down what you love?

No, seriously, how?

Generally, I reactively pull away from whichever tasks I need to in order to accomplish others.  This blog being a prime example.  But to eliminate those that aren’t necessary + plan the rest seems like a logical idea!  So I’ve got my planner + weekly list on hand, flipping through my summit notes from Justina Blakeney + Kristen Ley + so many other inspiring entrepreneurs.

Things are totally gonna work out.


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