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Plant Bebes

baby succulentMy succulents have been busy baby-making, so I’ve had it on my to-do list to pot + repot some of these guys.  After Mr. B excitedly slung one of my favorite Tierra Sol pots across the den, it became a major priority to fix ’em all up stat.  And maybe I’ve been inspired by my friend’s new book, Modern Terrarium Studio!  (Posted about Megan’s book launch earlier this week — go see.)
potting some plant babies

succulents + cactiI went to our local “One Stop Garden Shop,” Logan’s, to grab fresh soil + a few newbies.  They have a lovely assortment of succulents + cacti and I had to use a considerable amount of restraint to not buy them all.

If you look closely up above, you’ll see that I managed to drop my phone and break one of my plants in half and knock several leaves off, so I’m trying to get them to root.  Maybe I’ll wind up with all the succulents after all.

succulent centerpiece

I finally repurposed this mud pan to create a modern industrial centerpiece for our dining table + I’m probably too excited about it.  (Gotta love when a plan comes together, right?!)


Several other sunny spots in the house are now even more lively with all these growing babes.  And I hope all of my little broken bits will grow anew + then I’ll share.  Promise.

the prettiest cactusAnd I kinda saved the best for last — even though I really hate to play favorites.  This lil lady is just so pretty!  I’m feeling a whole mantle re-do coming on just to make way for this new addition.


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