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No Booze ’til MacBook

It’s true.  No booze ’til MacBook.  Gonna start tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, I hardly spend that much on drinks, but every penny counts right?  I’m also cutting out other unnecessary spending, but “booze” made for a better title — you know, versus coffee, nail polish, or lunch.  Or the gorgeous Guatemalan pouch I’ve been eyeing at Furbish.  I have to keep telling myself no.

love this clutch at furbish

Some things are tougher than others.  I mean how lovely is this little clutch?!  And I’m a sucker for clutches.

Eyes on the prize.

You see I’ve given up my adopted MacBook Air and I’m saving for a new baby of my own.  Just cruised Apple’s website and there’s even a new golden beauty.

cheers to no more beers

So cheers to no more beers for a little while.  And no more fancy coffee dranks.  And no more lunches out.  And no more clothes, cute clutches, or pretty things.  Not until I get my shiny new Apple bebe.


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