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To Be or Not To Be on Etsy

Etsy has been a hot topic lately; it’s crazy really.  Crazy like I’d be rich if I had a dime for every time someone’s asked “Are you on Etsy?” this year alone.  The growing site is great + I’m not discounting it — even the whole going public thing that had crafters up in arms doesn’t bother me.

Here’s the thing though: back in the day, I was on Etsy.  Even pre bird + beau, I had a little shop.  So when I started b+b, Etsy is what I used to get my new shop up quickly + easily.  Shoppers would ask “Do you have a website?”  “No, just on Etsy,” I’d reply.

I made the switch to my very own pretty and self-designed site a couple of years ago and I love it.  I use Shopify which makes having a beautiful shop + easily-managed back end a cinch.  It’s great.

What isn’t so great is this weird shift that has somehow taken place in shoppers’ minds wherein Etsy is preferable to a website. So now I get asked “Are you on Etsy???!” and I reply “No, I have my own website.”  And then the “Oh, you should be on Etsy”s roll in.

b+b pop collection on etsy

So I gave in.  I blew the dust off of my lonely vacant shop + prettied it up once again.  Now select bird + beau goods are shop-able on Etsy.  (There’s even a sale through Monday for 15% off with code HAPPY15.)

For my fellow makers: are you on Etsy?  (Do you love or loathe that question?)


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