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All Silliness Aside

Maybe strangers will read my last post and think I’m the stranger; all silliness aside, there were some serious questions in there and I’ve spent the last few weeks working toward figuring them out.

sitting in contemplation with pretty jewelry on

It was a couple of weeks ago when I sat down after work to take this photo.  I wanted to show off that lovely necklace from my friends at Little Lux, Riley + John.  What ensued was an Insta-blackhole battle — pointless hours passing the time on my favorite social media platform that I am beginning to hate to love.

With a long list of to-dos, why was I peddling my time away online?!  Unconsciously, I was choosing to be stagnant because doing nothing is a lot easier than doing it all.  And when I’m overwhelmed, the quiet do-nothing spot where to-dos don’t exist is where I want to be.  In that moment, Instagram was the safe spot in the storm.

In my last post I asked, “How do I create movement?”  Maybe it’s there all along, yet sometimes I choose to stand still.  Sometimes choosing to stand still is necessary, but when it isn’t, I’ve narrowed down a few things to get me going:

  • DO something — anything!
  • Make 1 item.
  • Sign off of social media.

So what did I do this last time?

cleaning house + decoratin'

I cleaned house.  For real.  Hung some new art and all.  Like this fantastic vintage painting I picked up at the flea market weeks ago + finally got around to wiping off years of dust, debris, + probably resin.

sleepy head

After my body literally succumbed to a long sleep — like 21 hours long — last weekend, I finally gave in.  Something’s gotta give sometimes.  So I cleaned up around the house + swapped out some art + added some new plants.  I always feel refreshed when my home is bright, fresh, + in order.  (Maybe that forever sleep helped a bit too.)

Along with recognizing what I need to do to create movement for myself, I’m taking action.  How do you maintain momentum?


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