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Can I Get a Dolphin Taxi?

I feel like I’ve been treading water lately.  And not the cool refreshing kind in the apartment pool we crash each summer — soon though.  It’s the other kind; the metaphorical kind that has me in a sea of waves with no land in sight.

There aren’t sharks, so that’s good.  Actually there are dozens of pretty dolphins swimming about.  It’s great, it really is.  But I kinda need one of these creatures to give me a speedy ride to shore.  As much as I enjoy the view, it’s a little exhausting.

can i get a dolphin taxi?

Metaphor over.

Projects, jobs, events, all the things.  I have a tendency to want to do all the things.  Some, I kind of have to do — you know to pay bills — but I like them just the same.  For the past year though, I’ve been doing a whole lot of doing without significant movement.  At least that’s how it feels.

I feel torn, exhausted, and poor a lot of days.  Now I also feel really happy, so don’t think I’m just whining.  Rather, it’s just had me thinking lately.  What do I do to create movement?  How can I get ahead?  How do I hail a damn dolpin taxi?!

I’m working on a challenge series for myself to figure out these very questions + because I can’t possibly be alone in feeling like this, I’ll be sharing more about this very soon.  I mean, c’mon, you think about this stuff too right?  Dolphin taxis, yes?!


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