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Challenge: Vision Board

bird + beau vision board

I’m participating in a challenge that Flourish & Thrive is hosting in which they share ten challenges over ten days with the intention of inspiring + creating some freedom within small businesses.  The focus is on jewelry designers primarily and this challenge series has so far touched on everything from morning routines to self care.

One of the most recent daily prompts suggested creating a vision board.  The timing of this one was pretty spot on as a friend of mine recently asked me how I would describe my brand and what things most inspired me.  Honestly, as much as I really do tailor my brand to fit within my aesthetic, I never really gave a whole lot of thought as to what makes up my aesthetic.  So with this challenge I went to Pinterest and whipped myself up a secret vision board, taking into account all sorts of ideas and thinking of my brand in ways I hadn’t before.  What if bird + beau were a person?  What if b+b were a house, or a lamp, or a wedding, or anything solid, single, + tangible?  Since my ideas were far too lengthy to share in a quick Instagram post, I’m sharing now…

modern white boho dressWHO: bird + beau is modern and feminine and natural.  She’s easy going, cool, and knows how to roll with the punches, but can be feisty when it counts.  She’s at that age where calling herself a girl sounds too young, but woman sounds too old.  She’s a tomboy at times and a lady when it matters.  She loves to canoe and she loves to dress up.  She’ll traipse through NYC in four inch heels and dance barefoot in fields of grass and she’s not quite sure which she enjoys more.  She’s a minimalist in style, but a maximal-ist in interests.  She has stories to tell and secrets to keep.  She collects adventures like records — join her in either and you’ll have a friend for life.

anthropologie bluette lampWHAT: bird + beau is a gorgeously translucent glass pendant light.  Both a perfect fixture for assisting a task or creating ambiance.  Clean lines and modern facets are a striking balance for the hints of yesteryear it holds.  Recycled glass and reclaimed wood tell stories in this piece whose tale has yet to unfurl.  It glows a perfect warmth and invites any who wish to gather around.  It finds struggle in comparing to tradition and joy in defying it.

modern cool living spaceWHERE: bird + beau is an open, airy, modern home with hints of color and unique accents.  Natural textures and finishes make up some of its finest details, with attention fully paid to both function and form.  It’s midcentury modern furniture welcomes you to sit and it’s indie collection of vintage and handmade art makes you want to stay awhile.  Records play while wine is sipped and a day never goes by without laughter bouncing off its walls.

So what does this all mean?!  To you, probably not a whole lot more than some gibberish, but to me, it means I’m not all too far off.  A lot of the same can be said about both my brand and myself and my home and my adoration for beautiful lamps as well.  It means that as often as I wonder if I’m doing it right, it doesn’t matter because it can’t really be wrong.  Well, it could, but if I stay true within the realm of adventure and art and music that I so enjoy, those memories and hopes will be evident in the work I create.  That’s the gist of it anyhow.


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