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Smelly Feet, Smelly Feet

Sung to the tune of “Smelly Cat” by the loveable Pheebes of Friends.  Because.  Just because…

smelly feet, cool shoesWell, on top of squeezing in nightly episodes of the best 90s show ever, I’ve been [my recently dreaded word — BUSY] juggling a few projects + racking my mind over a few others.  And, yeh, when I snapped this my feet were smelly.  Truth.  But my shoes are cool, right?  Yes.

Recently, I chatted with a friend about the things we exclude from our pretty Instagram feeds — the not so pretty things that go on in real life, behind the scenes of our growing businesses, like tired smelly feet.  This isn’t the first time I’ve touched on this here, and most definitely not the first time I’ve given it thought, but this time I’m making a change…

I want to switch up my blog a bit, rename it, make it a little more me, a little less pretty, and a tiny bit more smelly.  I want it to be REAL.  Not that it isn’t, but you get it.  Bear with me.  xo


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