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Challenge Accepted

water callenge

Aside from setting business goals for 2015, the beginning of this new year has me eager to make a fresh start in my personal life as well.  After all, my business self can only be as good as my real-life self, right?!

To kick off a healthy + happy new year, I’m taking on the challenge to drink more water.  Inspired by an article I read online about a woman who drank a gallon a day for a month, I’m setting out to do just that.  I’m eliminating weeknight wines (what?!  why?!) and I might even try to get in a few workouts during the week, but let me not over commit myself.  Baby steps.

I’ve downloaded an app to help me track my water intake; it’s called Waterlogged and it’s pretty cool so far.  I love measurable goals + challenging myself to something new.  Because goals deserve rewards, I’m thinking a bkr bottle may just need to be the grand prize!

What are your challenges + goals for this year?  AND what are your rewards?


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