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Kick *** in 2015!

2015 planner

This is my “I got a new planner to kick ass in 2015” photo.  And that’s my resolution — to kick ass in 2015.

Last year I laid out a few amazing goals:

  • Be kind. // I should receive a gold star for this one.  If you know me, you know this was no tough feat for 98% of the year; however, remaining so in the face of adversity totally was.  Things don’t always go as we’d like and in those tough situations is where we can witness our growth the most.  I am proud to have held up this goal and I am stronger for it.
  • Take chances. // Just as the one before, I took more chances last year and to wonderful surprise!  I have new friends, projects, + products to show for it and even more in the lineup.
  • Be transparent. // This goal got me fired from my “real job” last year and, ultimately, had a few residual effects such as backing off of my blogging routine… but I can’t say that I have any regrets and I am happier in my career this time this year than last.
  • Network + collaborate. // Another gold star please!  This past year has been all about collaborations; some good, some not so much, but all of them have been great learning experiences.  This was certainly my most fruitful goal and I will share more with you soon, promise!
  • Never give up. // Failing this goal was — and will never be — an option.  Times can get tough, but hard work, perseverance, + a phenomenal foundation of family, friends, + cheerleaders are essential to getting by.

This year I’m keeping it simple.  Building on all of these + continuing to push myself, my resolution is to kick ass in 2015!


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