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Calligraphy Y’all

I’ve followed Molly Gaither on Instagram for awhile now, stalking her stream of pretties from her shop, Ply, as well as fave spots and type from around the triangle.  Just a few weeks ago she shared a contest — one that I was lucky enough to catch and even luckier to win!  (Yay!!!)

calligraphy class at ply with all she wrote notes

The prize was a coveted spot in Maghon’s All She Wrote Notes birthday bash / calligraphy class hosted at Ply!  Needless to say, I was pumped!  How adorable is this party?!  Tassels, confetti, and miniature donkey pinatas!  (PS: Maghon has a super sweet Insta feed worth following too!)

calligraphy class at ply with all she wrote notes

I mean, this guy.  Cutie.  From Furbish, of course.

all she wrote notes birthday and calligraphy class at ply

How exciting is this?  I had my own cute spot alongside about eleven other girls and every place was set with festively bright folders and supplies.  And more confetti!

Maghon started All She Wrote Notes when she was in school at UNC and personalizing her own stationery… it quickly caught on and now she sells stationery online and teaches other gals (and guys, perhaps) how to write all fancy like!  And she makes it so easy to learn.

i can do calligraphy!

She wasted no time letting us get started and we spent two full (but fast — time flies when you’re having fun!) hours writing and practicing and making beautiful letters with our new pens and ink.  I filled up three sheets of tracing paper!

real calligraphy! i did it.

I’ve already put my new skills to use.  Friends, family, maybe even foes, you better watch out because now “I can do calligraphy y’all!”

THANK YOU, Molly & Maghon for such a fantastic class + celebration!!!  xoxo


2 thoughts on “Calligraphy Y’all

    • Thank you, Maghon! It really was so much fun and you do a FANTASTIC job of making a beginner feel at ease, encouraged, and well equipped to calligraphy the world when class is over! ❤

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