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Moral Monday

It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve been in a funk all day.  A storm’s been brewing for awhile and today my mind has been a whirlwind of thoughts and concerns and doubt.  Trying to make sense of it all has settled an impenetrable fog over me.  Coffee, crafting, sunshine, more crafting, and a tall glass of wine have failed to clear it.

gray skies

You won’t find me posting vague status updates online and my intent is neither to do it here, but part of my dilemma today is knowing how much or how little to share… therefore, this post is inevitably going to read as hazy as my head today.

As a solopreneur, I am my brand.  When I create, I do so because I enjoy it and I hope to bring someone else happiness.  When I write, I am sharing as I do with my friends (because you are!) and I hope that the words I arrange bring you happiness or inspiration.  I hope that in me, and in my brand, you see goodness and truth and humor and kindness; I hope that you relate or empathize or laugh with me.

Recently, I have been accused of exactly the opposite for something I wrote.  Words which were shared as a simple means of expression, with a positive outlook even, were taken out of context and used against me.

Had the same excerpt in question been instead revered in some way, I would have shared the cheerful news without question.  In the incident of negativity, however, I have felt pressure to withhold my thoughts, despite wanting to be forthcoming.  Today, especially, I have been wondering how other small brands and bloggers would react in a similar situation.  Today the morality of this scenario has been unsettling.

(I will give hugs for your comments.  I could really use them.  The comments.  And maybe the hugs too.  Wink.)


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