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Estudio RoJo’s Hot New Site

shout out: estudio rojo cards + prints

There’s good reason Instagram is my favorite social media — case in point, these lovelies.  Stationery, greeting cards, and art prints all handcrafted from the heart by the sweet Jasmin of Estudio RoJo!

shout out: estudio rojo cards + prints

So what’s Instagram got to do with it?  That’s where Jasmin + I met.  Initially, we followed each other, chatting here + there, but after she asked fellow IGers for a teensy bit of help with her logo and I spoke up, we instantly hit if off.  (She even used to make jewelry!)

Jasmin had already hand-lettered her own logo, but I helped tweak it just a smidge.  During the process, we emailed not only about her logo design, but our pasts + presents and a lot of stuff in between.  Though she’s local to NC, there are some miles between us so we haven’t yet met in person, but I certainly already consider her a friend.

shout out: estudio rojo cards + prints

Having moved here from Colombia, Jasmin utilizes color + pattern in her designs so vibrantly — a true reflection of her international inspiration!  She just launched her brand new site this week and it looks awesome.  You must check it out and wish her well on her new adventure!

Find Jasmin on: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


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