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RDU Baton Day

This time last week I was gallavanting around this fine city snapping pics for my RDU Baton day.  I had so much fun visiting my favorite spots + recalling the moments that have made Raleigh such an adventurous place to call home.

Since some of my favorite family + friends aren’t on Instagram, I’m sharing my photos with you again today.  The idea behind my day was to tell the love story that brought bird + beau to be — had my husband and I never met, it’s quite possible b+b wouldn’t exist.  Thankfully, we did and I started b+b to save for our big day.  This little tour includes a bit about that and a few other goodies worth loving too.  (If you followed last week, there are some extra out takes at the bottom!)

rdu baton stop #1: sola coffee

rise + shine // I woke up at about 5am the morning of my “baton day” I was so excited.  Sola has become my fave neighborhood spot since we moved this way last year, but if you read my blog at all, you know this!

rdu baton stop #2: the pour house

liquid courage + love at first sight // Almost seven years ago my hubby + I met here at The Pour House.  Honest to goodness, sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it.

rdu baton stop #3: artspace

memories + misconceptions // Artspace has been a favorite spot for years and it seems I was under the impression that it used to be somewhere else.  All this time I was wrong, but it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying many a First Friday here!

rdu baton stop #4: the aia building

true love + modern design // The AIA building was a favorite from its inception, but I never imagined that it’s where my love would propose!  After brunch one morning, I suggested we explore the construction site… low and behold my fella had a ring in his pocket + got down on one knee.  LOVE!  Once wedding planning commenced, bird + beau was born.

rdu baton stop #5: historic mordecai park

all smiles + september sunshine // Having lived in the Mordecai area for our entire love life, it seemed just right to get married at Historic Mordecai Park.  It’s like a little village over there + this building, in its simplicity, is among my favorites.

rdu baton stop #6: ncma

wonder + whirligigs // The NCMA is one of my favorite places to visit in Raleigh.  I decided to show this particular sculpture of one of Vollis Simpson’s whirligigs because he’s from near my hometown.  Traipsing around the trails at the museum is equally as fun as perusing the art inside.  And… come September we’ll be seeing The Head + The Heart there!!!

rdu baton stop #7: duke gardens for the rosebuds

romance + roses // Matt + I enjoy this band, Raleigh’s own The Rosebuds, so much he almost proposed at their show three years ago (the night before the morning he actually did!).  I was so pumped to have my baton day fall on the day of their show.  This was my first visit to Duke Gardens + it was so intimately amazing.  I only wish we’d have known to bring a blanket and some wine.

rdu baton shot #8: me + my love

big hugs + sweet dreams // The baton rules suggest not showing lots of pics of people + I’m rarely one to show many of myself anyhow, but being I spent my whole day telling a love story, it seemed fitting to end on this one.  There you have it… that fella right there and our love is what started this little side adventure of mine + it’s what keeps it going too!  (Cue the “aw”s right?!  Haha… not to get super sappy, but it’s true.)

I seriously had such a great day + now I have an even greater appreciation for what RDU Baton is all about.  I snapped a lot of pics of a lot of cool places that day while I was in between destinations.  I even discovered some I’d never before noticed.

rdu baton day outtakes

1 // Just outside of Sola Coffee.  2 // An appropriate find while peeking in a little shop at Seaboard.  I’m gonna need to go back when I have some spare change.  3 // Another shot of that lovely AIA building!  Do you know how excited I was when the director and Frank Harmon both commented on my photo?!  So sweet.  I didn’t even mention before that we had some of our engagement shots taken there!  4 // Just a cool modern building I walked by.  5 // Some old architecture I walked by.  6 // A sculpture I’ve passed a dozen times + never had time to really enjoy.  7 // The bridge near the legislative building.  I saw people crossing, thought “I want to do that” + so I did.  Neat-o.  8 // An “A” in Artspace.  I’m gonna claim it as meaning Austin.  9 // Art in the downstairs gallery.  Good stuff.  Probably still hanging.  10 // A quick peek into Adam Cave’s gallery.  Thumbs up indeed.  11 // The main house at Historic Mordecai.  We took wedding pics in that very spot.  12 // A pop by my fave little kiddo shop, Progeny, where I’ve been helping out a few afternoons a week.  Go buy fun gifts — your little ones will thank you!  13 // My favorite work of art at the NCMA.  I don’t know why, I just like it.  14 // An alternate shot of a whirligig… this would make a cool + unexpected landscape painting.  15 // The drive to Durham for the Rosebuds — the rain teased us, but stayed clear for the show!

That’s a lot to take in, I’m sure.  It was a busy day.  It inspired me, though, to take time at least each month to go exploring, so I’ll be setting up some more outings soon and sharing my finds via Instagram (and here, yes).

Ohhh… and today is my 100th blog post.  Yay!  I thought about sharing my top 100 spots in Raleigh with you, but I think this is a good start.

Thank you to the folks who gave me suggestions for my 100th post — I’ll put them to use soon, promise!


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