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Style Me: Bunnies + Bananas

I was almost stumped today, but there is this shirt that is hands down my fave.  It has stripes, bunnies, and it’s from Anthropologie… need I say more?

anthro bunny stripe tee

That’s my “damn skippy, this shirt is cute” face.  I worked hard to find this tee after seeing a girl in it at a The Head and The Heart show.  I so wanted to ask her, but thought maybe that was weird.  So I didn’t.  The next day I was kicking myself in the pants for not mustering up the courage.  Instinct told me it was probably Anthro, but I couldn’t find it anywhere and Google totally failed me.  Thanks, G.

style me: anthropologie bunnies + br neon flats

About a month later, I randomly came across it online in the sale section of, you guessed it, Anthro.  But it was sold out.  So I called.  After talking to stores in NY and then Austin — SCORE!

I wear this tee with everything.  Today I mixed it up with dark khaki-ish green shorts from Target, my funky neon BR flats, and some local jewelry.

bird + beau necklace

This jade necklace was made by yours truly (local as in my house).  It’s the perfect shade of teal and the right amount of simple.

recycled tee bracelet

This bracelet I picked up at the fall Rock & Shop Market from a girl who recycles old tees and whatnot.  I can’t pinpoint her name right now, but she was super cool.  I picked up little superhero masks for my nephews from her too.

banana republic neon flats

Okay, and one more of these neon Bananas because they make my feet quite happy.

I’m kinda digging this silly style challenge of mine.  Next week is my last mandatory week, but I’m considering keeping it up… fashion Fridays are fun, right?


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