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This week I’m busy, busy, busy with a few things, but I’m also excited, excited, excited about some things too.  In particular, I am pumped about having recently acquired tickets to see two of my most favorite bands play this summer.

ivan of the rosebuds at hopscotch, raleigh nc

The Rosebuds (that’s Ivan up there) are amazing + if you haven’t heard them, you need to.  Go.  Right now.  They’ll be here playing at Duke Gardens for Merge’s 25th anniversary on June 25th.  Cannot wait.  I snapped the pic above at Hopscotch in 2011, completely unaware that my fella was beside me with a ring in his pocket ready to make his move.  Meanwhile, it was his birthday and I had tried to contact Ivan + Kelly prior to get them to give him a shout out.  I was excited to see if they would and he was anxious to perhaps get on stage and propose and neither happened at that show, but we still had a fantastic time.  The next morning Ivan messaged me to tell Matt happy birthday (he just hadn’t seen it in time to say so on stage).  Later that day, my boyfriend became my fiance.

the head and the heart and friends

The Head and The Heart are also amazing… and if you haven’t heard them, by all means GO do so now.  Thankfully, my husband and I have very similar interests in music and often buy tickets to shows for special occasions (and just regular occasions too).  He took me to see them for my birthday last year and this year I get to celebrate another year with them!  They’re playing the NCMA here on September 27th, so I’m making it my official birthday gathering.  If you’re local, come boogie with us.  If it’s not sold out already.

Both of these bands are top five status.  I like a lot of music, but there are just a few bands that are on my must-see-each-and-every-time-they-come-to-town list — no matter what, I go.  These are both on that list.

Fun fact: did you know I met my fella at a show?!  His own actually.  Another story, another time.


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