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Style Me: Borderline Patriotic

Happy Memorial Day weekend, folks!  I did not intend to dress for the occasion, but this here outfit is borderline patriotic.  Sort of.  Coral and navy always look good together and if it happens to make me look especially festive, I’m okay with that.


Apologies for the iPhone pics, but hey I’m not failing this style challenge only two outfits in!  I almost went for another dress, but that seemed too easy.  While I do like these shorts, I’ve never worn the trio together.


The gray striped tank is Gap; it’s a tad too snug to wear alone.  Meanwhile, the coral AE tank is floaty and cute, but the arm holes are for beasts, so it needed a layer.  Look at that — a match made in my closet (er… drawer).


I realize an outfit is not complete without a pair of shoes and while I don’t own many, I thought I should step up this outfit with something fancier than flops.  My trusty TOMS came to the rescue.  Cute, but kinda casual.  And not too high to be paired with shorts.


My go-to necklace when I want something neutral is this faceted wood lengthy one I made years ago.  I swear I keep looking for more beads like this + they don’t exist anymore.  Why?!  Also, I kinda did my hair.  And, yes, that is Thom Yorke in the background making my outfit of the day even cooler.


Last one.  I don’t often take pics of my feet — promise.  But I really like our rug and my toes + tank coordinate, so there.

Week two done!  Have a most excellent weekend!


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