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Your Skin Will Thank You

Earlier this month I reconnected with my friend Liz, of Luxury Republic, who I hadn’t seen in way too long — we didn’t live in the same town for awhile, we each had fellas + moves + new businesses keeping us slammed busy.  Finally though, fate brought us back together at a recent pop up, where we not only caught up on the guys and our moves, but we got to gush a bit about our bizzes.  And then we swapped some goodies.

Liz makes — as in HANDCRAFTS — these fantastically organic (yep, 100%) face oil serums.  I told her my skin had been gross dry all winter and she told me she had just the thing.  So I came home with her Balancing Serum to make my face glow + she took home some baubles to make her ears sparkle.  Win win.

luxury republic organic skin care

My skin is picky.  Hence, I am picky about what I put on it.  This winter, however, had me to the point that I was ready to try anything.  I was vaguely familiar with face oils, having started using another brand about a month prior; as of May 3rd though, I have been on a strict wash + apply LR twice a day regimen.  I took a photo of my naked face on LR day one, but you’re gonna have to wait another couple of weeks for my month one before + after.  So far, I am a happy customer, and because Liz deserves a shout out, here I am shouting out!

liz of luxury republic

Don’t believe me alone though… I thought you might like to hear a bit from Liz:

What would you consider the worst ingredient to keep an eye out for when it comes to our beauty regimen?

When asked to choose what I believe to be the worst ingredient in our beauty products, I’m choosing from many toxins whose side effects are birth defects, cancer or liver failure. This is where I teach what to USE instead of un-use. The main goal is to buy ORGANIC or NATURAL with as little man made ingredients as possible. Find products with the least preservative, no dyes, no synthetic fragrance, or foaming abilities. As the education of consumers grow, so will a cleaner skin care market which is exactly why I decided to create my own brand. Knowing Luxury Republic skin care will always be a clean option for my customers is THE most important thing.

What is your personal favorite line of cosmetics?

Bare Minerals. The lightweight feel and overall glow of their products keep it simple and it is one of the safest cosmetics available.

What might you consider the top three most important things we can do for/to our skin?

1. SUNSCREEN! Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer and the 3rd most popular in women ages 20-39. Get yearly skin screenings & always wear a UVA/UVB sunscreen containing Zinc Oxide with an SPF of 30. My favorite is Badger’s Unscented for babies.
2. STOP SMOKING! Cigarettes age you in places we can’t even see. Of course they punish your skin. Quit now and literally turn back your body’s clock. You will see a difference in days.
3. STAY HYDRATED! By the time your body craves liquids, you are already dehydrated. Your skin can appear lifeless, sunken & lack luster. By drinking half of your body weight in ounces a day, your skin will flush toxins, remain glowing & plumped allowing a youthful appearance.
luxury republic 100% organic skin care

You can find out more about the Luxury Republic line here, where Liz has included some valuable information.  Likewise, if you’re local, you can check out where to find her luxurious elixirs in person.  If you’re not local, that’s okay too because she offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all orders.  That’s for real.

Liz referenced this chart in an email to me, so take note:

bad ingredients: skin care chart

We talked quite a bit about our beauty products and I probably bugged her a bit too much about all the wrong things I’m surely doing for my skin, but the point is, I want to do well by my skin + that means knowing what I’m putting on it.  Sadly, she informed me one organic brand I was pumped to be using wasn’t actually that natural after all.  She knows her stuff you guys!  Your skin is gonna thank you.

I’m excited to share that for my next monthly giveaway Liz will be joining us and you can expect one fabulous Sparkle + Glow givewaway!  That’s the best hint you’re getting for now.  Stay tuned to see what we have in store for June!

Because a lot of blogs promote stuff for money or free goods, I feel it necessary to tell you that this is no gimmick.  Liz didn’t twist my arm, she didn’t bribe me, she didn’t even ask me to do this… I am simply excited to see her brand grow because I believe in it and she’s a cool chic.  I think you’ll feel the same way too, so check it out.  Worst case, you send it back.  Right?!


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