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Style Me: Gap Dress

Sticking to my word, I’m taking on this style challenge!  I am foraging through my closet to give older pieces a new look while trying to restore my I-have-nothing-to-wear (in)sanity + prevent my bank account from drying up on unnecessary buys.  Consider this my new From Heap to Keep series, except that name is too long to go up there in the title, so I’m gonna make it a hashtag instead.  Because yes, I also need everyone on Instagram to hold me accountable for this challenge.  I’m going to shoot for a month + we’ll go from there.  Easy enough, right?  Maybe.  Four outfits… I got this.

Well, I did previously say that there might be a few pieces in my closet that I like okay.  This is one of them.  And it’s finally warm enough to wear it, so I can actually enjoy it.

heap to keep style challenge: gap dress and bird + beau necklace

This GAP dress is lightweight and cute and I like the teensy holes in the fabric.  They give it a slightly more casual feel, but it’s still pretty.  The belt I pulled from another dress and the short sleeve cardi is simply from Target.

heap to keep style challenge: gap dress and bird + beau necklace

I borrowed one of my newest pieces from the Fizz collection to pair with this dress.  The bauble necklace is light + summery + definitely a new favorite!  You can score one of your own here in my shop.

So, tell me the truth… love it or leave it?  And by leave it, I mean in the heap, not my closet.  Kick it to the curb + send it to thrift.


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