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Brand Market Rocked It

Last month the Brand Market Workshop came to town.  And I had a golden ticket.

It was great.  More than great.  It was downright impressive.  I was ecstatic happy at the chance to go, but I really didn’t have a firm idea of what to expect.  I knew the basic idea behind the workshop and that I would certainly leave with way more knowledge, but it was even better than I’d imagined.

I didn’t realize that spaces were limited, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a small intimate group gathering when I arrived.  And I was all smiles when I recognized a couple of friends and also Megan Gilger who I’ve followed on The Fresh Exchange + Wild Measure for some time.  You NEED to see her Instagram if you’re hiding under a rock somewhere.  Likewise, her photographer hubby, Mike, has a nice one too.  They were both so sweet + insightful!

Anna’s blog, In Honor of Design, and her IG are also check-out musts.  She’s the mastermind behind the workshop.  Her, Megan, + Mike were a powerhouse trio leading our group for the day — the workshop was fantastically informative + inspiring.  I took lots of notes and have been referencing my workbook since.

Also, swoon over this swag for a bit…

brand market swag | tote by off switch

This tote sums up my beliefs pretty perfectly.  Thank you Off Switch for the words + the bag!

brand market swag | stuff

You can see there’s a bit of a theme, yes?  Rules to live/work by: be nice.  Also, be bold.  And work hard.  That part is important too.

brand market swag | white whale

And don’t forget to play hard from time to time as well.  Thanks White Whale for the mixer.  Someone pass the gin.

brand market swag | cards

Thanks to all of the handmakers + designers that contributed to these great bags of goodies: Be Kind Totes: Off Switch Shop | Necklaces: Shop Rkitekt | Be Bold Banners: Sharp Tooth Studio | Cord Tacos: This is Ground | Bracelets: Mes2PetitesEtoiles | Leather Keychains: Son of a Sailor | Prints: Jenny Highsmith Lettering | Raleigh Maps: The Flappers Feather | Candles: Good Girl Come Back | Temp Tattoos: Tattly | Hand Stitched Cards: George & Olivia  | Jotters: 45 Wall Designs | Ink Pens: Jet Pens | Scarves: Three Bird Nest | Hand Painted Mugs: Creations by Meryl

brand market swag | tote

Just one more of this nifty tote because should all set out to be kind, work hard, + give thanks.  Thanks, Brand Market!  You guys rocked it.

More special thanks to Slingshot Coffee, Raleigh Raw, Yellow Dog Bread, Capital Club 16, and White Whale for the sips + snacks.



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