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A Secret to Share

The new POP studs are among my favorite earrings.  They’ve been really well received so far, so hopefully they’re becoming others’ faves too.  I’ll let you in on a secret: the first pair I made fell apart.

POP collection: glitter recycled cork jewelry set by bird + beau

Not right away.  I wore them out after a few months.  Regardless, that is unacceptable.

earring posts

Why would I tell you this?!  I want you to know what I did to make sure it wouldn’t happen to you.

When I first conceived of my POP idea, I made a ring and a set of earrings.  Then I wore them.  I wore them for a few months before I even started to make more.  The quality of my craft is really important to me.  I don’t want to sell anyone anything that is going to fall apart a few days later.  That’s no good.

During the months of testing these new pieces I discovered that:

  • I did not like the studs I originally chose because the backs were a little tight to get on + off.
  • Seeing as how the stud was flat and secured only by glue, I knew that this tugging action would eventually loosen them.
  • I was not a fan of the glaze I had used.

I searched for better materials.  And I changed a few things:

  • I sourced sterling silver studs with small cups (to hold more glue) and posts that continue into the “gem” for extra security.
  • The backs are easy to remove and sterling is always preferable anyhow.
  • I ran a few other glaze tests until I was happy with a new one.

ALL of the pieces that I have sold within this collection have been made using these upgraded materials.

Meanwhile, I continued to wear the original pair of earrings as I had first made them.  Inevitably, one of them finally popped off (yep, they’re the ones in the picture just above).  I’m simply going to fix them using the new sterling posts, but the event prompted me to share all of this with you.

Not many companies will tell you how a product failed, but I’m not a company.  I’m one woman, crafting quality work and building a small business I believe in.  It’s important to me that you know I care about you + what you’re taking home for yourself or gifting to loved ones.

I stand behind the products I create, but should you love it so much that one day it happens to fall apart, please let me know + I’ll help you fix it so you can keep on loving it!

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