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Winners! Winners!

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Yes.  WINNERS!  Multiples!

I thought April was a crazy month, but thus far May has been as well.  Not complaining though… it’s been crazy good!  Just busy.

For that reason, I am super late announcing the winners of my Handmade Market giveaway.  I have a little story behind the drawing that I just have to share.  I asked my husband to draw a name from the bucket one evening early last week — he’s usually my go to contest picker!  He drew Sheree M’s entry (congrats, Sheree!!!) and commented how cool it was that her last name (I won’t mention it online for privacy purposes) is also the name of a popular drum technique (yep, he’s a drummer).  Well, he was practicing with the guys at the time, so one of the other fellas overheard when I was asking for more detail on this whole drum technique thing.  And then he saw my bucket of entries + wanted to draw a name just for fun.  So he did.  It feels wrong drawing a name for no reason though, so Martha M you’re winning a little something extra yourself!  You can thank the band!

Handmade Market winners: $20 goes to Sheree M + $5 goes to Martha M!!!  I’ll be emailing both of you shortly!  Congrats!

I have one more winner to announce from this past weekend.  See, isn’t this exciting?!  So many winners.  My friend Liz, of Luxury Republic, set up shop for the both of us at Sola’s pop-up Saturday and together we hosted a little giveaway.  The winner of this contest is Mandy R!!!  She’ll be getting some goodies from b+b AND Luxury Republic!  I’ll email you shortly too.

Wanna know how you can get in on this action?  On the 14th of each month, I draw a winner from everyone on my email list, so simply sign up!  This month, I will also pull from my Facebook followers, so double your chances by “liking” my b+b page.  Good luck!


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