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#StyleMeFail: Major Closet Challenge

It’s spring.  I love it.  I love the sun, the warmth, the fact that my skin is no longer pasty.  What I don’t love: ALL of my clothes.  They aren’t awful + maybe there are a few pieces I like, but I’m bored.

closet challenge

I’ve never considered myself a trendsetter — I don’t have a big enough bankroll to shop that much — but I’ve never just detested everything in my closet before.  Perhaps having met several fashion bloggers lately, I’ve realized how lacking my wardrobe really is.  Maybe a career shift is to blame.  Whatever the reason, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The only bad thing is that I don’t have disposable income to treat myself to a shopping spree.  (NOW would be the ideal time for Clinton Kelly + Stacy London to run up my stairs and start destroying my closet.)

closet challenge

Well, that’s not gonna happen.  But something’s gotta…

I was driving downtown yesterday when the idea to go shopping struck me + I merged lanes towards one of my go-to little shops.  And then “NO!” the smart side of my brain shouted.  I listened.  I have too many clothes.  I need to at least get rid of them before bringing home more.

Smart brain chimed in again suggesting I turn this predicament into a challenge.  Yes, it’s already a challenge — getting dressed each day — but I mean a let’s-find-some-goodness-in-that-heap-to-keep challenge.  The thought of beginning some sort of outfit/jewelry combo series was already on my list to do, but it’s seriously go time now.

I don’t know how I’ll structure my challenge just yet (ideas are welcome), but basically my goal is to mix this and that to create outfits I want to wear or repurpose pieces that should no longer be worn in public.

Do any of you gals go through this closet love/hate scenario or am I losing my mind?!  (Help.)


Me, a Dean Street Society (Hilary Rushford) February Style Challenge Dropout  (#stylemefeb = #stylemefail)


2 thoughts on “#StyleMeFail: Major Closet Challenge

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