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RAW Raleigh Artist Showcase

I missed last week… shhh.  I’ve been off my blog game for the past few weeks and last Wednesday was no exception — there were crazy storms, even tornado watches, + I had a big show to kick off my week of THREE shows!

RAW Raleigh Artist Showcase

I was honored to be a part of RAW’s Raleigh artist showcase this spring — and now I AM A RAW ARTIST you guys!  The show was at Lincoln, which I previously mentioned here.  So cool!

RAW Raleigh Artist Showcase

Leigh Moose captured a ton of great pics throughout the evening — not an easy task considering how dark + packed the place was.

RAW Raleigh Artist Showcase

I’m pleasantly surprised Leigh caught me smiling + looking normal in this pic!  Ha… I sometimes have the uncanny ability to always make funny faces in unstaged photos.  (Whew! for this one.)

RAW Raleigh Artist Showcase

RAW Raleigh Artist Showcase

RAW Raleigh Artist Showcase

Thanks to all of my dear friends who came out to the show!  I really could not have even been in this showcase if it weren’t for you + to have you take some goodies home with you was the icing on the cake — love you all!  Mean it.

Thanks to Leigh for capturing photos of the night as well.  Be sure to check her out on Facebook + Twitter!


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