bird + beau

Pop, Pop, FIZZ

fizz collection by bird + beau

I am so thoroughly pumped to show off my newest work… the new Fizz Collection is a lively summertime twist on the simple POP collection incorporating handcrafted “gems” from recycled corks alongside a colorful mix of baubles.  These new pieces debuted last week at three local shows + sold out!  (Thank you!!!)  Currently, I have only three listed online, but more are on their merry way, just in time for sunny days.

the fizz collection by bird + beau

These chunky nuggets of color beg to celebrate the onset of summer with you!  They’re on-trend with that whole statement necklace thing, but they are light and delicate enough to be worn comfortably every day — trust me, I’ve been doing it.  (I had to snag one!)  Ooh, they layer really well too.

the fizz collection by bird + beau

Each necklace is slightly different, but they are all guaranteed to delight.  Pinky promise.  These first few are simply named Fizz Bauble Necklaces, but you can expect more pieces to rise to the top soon!

the fizz collection by bird + beau

Throughout the month of May, you can find these pretties hanging out in my first pop-up shop at Progeny Shoppe in Raleigh.  Progeny is a new hip + modern children’s boutique in the Five Points area.  They’re currently carrying a brand new exclusive line of b+b necklaces for the littlest ladies (not even in my shop yet!) and throughout this month they’ll have a few pieces on hand for the mommas!  Go treat yo’ self!

To always be the first in the know, be sure to follow me on Instagram.  (I’ve been showing these things off for days over there.  Go see!)


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