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Movie + a Museum

Wednesday my mom played hookey to come hang out with me.  We went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, a fantastic Wes Anderson film — to be honest, I didn’t even know it was out, but she had me at Jude Law.  A few seconds into the trailer, I knew it was an Anderson.  So, absolutely, I was in.  His films are so perfectly artsy and orange.  And, again, she had me at Jude.

After our popcorn + cola lunch at the theater, we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art.  I LOVE the museum.  Every time I go I wonder why I don’t go more often.

ncma | head sculptures

I probably take a photo of this installation every single time.  I love it.  Slightly creepy?  Yes.  But it’s so very interesting.

ncma | blown glass

I love their aged glassware collection.  I don’t recall the dates on these pieces, but it’s pretty mind blowing that someone crafted such beautiful, delicate pieces so very long ago.  No TVs, certainly no Pinterest, and people were insanely talented.

ncma | egyptian bust

When I go to the museum, I tend to travel back in time, starting with the modern art and making my way through to the exhibits that somehow came to be before the planet did.  This Egyptian sculpture is from an inconceivable point in history.  I don’t even know.  I don’t even try.

ncma | the garden parasol

I have a favorite painting in the museum.  This is not it, but I do love it.  That pretty parasol deserved a photo and made me want to immediately go home and paint.  Gorgeous, Frieseke.

ncma | outdoor modern structure

We took a stroll down the outdoor trail to this pretty hideaway.  I love this thing.  It’s modern + relaxing + I’d like to have one of my very own on a lake somewhere.

ncma | outdoor getaway

See… isn’t it lovely?  Again, I think, ‘Why don’t I spend more time here?’  What a most wonderful day.  (Thanks, Mom!)


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