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Step Right Up + Grab a Ticket

Sometimes you’ve got to love yourself before others can love you.  That’s a saying, right?  I think so.  Nonetheless, today I’m doing a bit of shameless self-loving promotion because in just ONE short week I’ll be setting up shop/my table at the RAW Raleigh artist showcase, Spectrum, in Lincoln Theatre.

This is a huge deal.  Obviously, it’s at Lincoln, which is awesome.  Love it.  I have seen many-a-wonderful acts perform there, including my husband and, most recently, G Love… and now I get to have a show there too?!  What?!  Pumped!  Also, RAW is no joke.  The event is gonna be baller, you guys.  Artists, of all sorts — jewelers, painters, illustrators, fashion designers, makeup pros, body ar-teests, musicians, mixers, dancers, you name it.  I imagine this to be a glamorous, cocktail-attired, circus-of-sorts featuring the finest acts in town.  So step right up and nab yourself a ticket.

RAW Raleigh showcase | bird + beau recycled cork jewelryRAW Raleigh showcase | bird + beau jewelry + small accessories

Expect to be delighted by facets, sparkles, and illusions… and that’s just a tiny part of the show.  See what else is in store + reveal another surprise when you buy your discounted ticket online HERE!

RAW Raleigh | bird + beau

Super Quick Q+A

  • Why buy tickets to the Spectrum show in advance?  They’re cheaper than at the door.  And it really, really helps me out.
  • How does my ticket sale help you?  Your ticket purchase directly funds my attendance at RAW.
  • Why does that matter?  RAW is a fantastic venue for artists to showcase, but it goes beyond that.  They help promote artists before + after the main event as well.  I will get to take home professional photos + a video… featuring my own Q+A session.  Scary, but awesome.  What an opportunity!  And you guys have a chance to help me out with that.  THANK YOU!
  • What’s in it for me?  You get to see a great variety show, hang out with awesome people, enjoy cool beverages, + quite possibly take home some amazing art.  PLUS, that extra surprise I mentioned above… if you buy your tickets from me, I’ll give you $10 of your ticket price back to spend on any bird + beau purchase made at the show or through the end of the year.  Crazy, right?!  You know your mommas are gonna need some Mother’s Day gifts soon.  Or, heck, save it up til Christmas if you want.  At some point, someone’s going to need a gift and that ten bucks will come in handy.  (If you’ve already ordered, THANKS!  You’re on my list to receive this super deal too.)

THANKS for being awesome, friends!  I’m excited to see you at the show!  xo – Kristin


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