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Feathers for Me

feathers poem by matt | free poems at sola coffee saturday

This poem is sparking today’s post.  Not that Saturday’s show at Sola wasn’t as awesome as always, but a young gentleman, Matt, was typing — TYPING — free — FREE — poems — FOR REAL PERFECT POEMS.   Yes, Saturday was Sola’s spring pop-up + you all know I love the pop-ups at Sola.  It’s my neighborhood, the shop + the owners are spectacular, and the artists are always — ALWAYS — top notch!  (They’re planning another for May, so you best plan on being there.)

Back to my poem.  Matt was taking requests.  Mine was “feathers.”  Easy.  Predictable enough, right?  Nope.  Way more awesome than I could have conceived.  Listen/read up:


Feathers for Kristin


When my feathers come in

I am the itchiest ever.

This is my secret.


We grow feathers to feel the wind.

We grow feathers to practice fractals.

We grow feathers to take eyelashes to task.


When the sun comes up

the feathers announce themselves,

with the cracking of ice in glasses.


There is black market for feathers

they are snuck into countries in pillows

dispersed in the streets by nefarious men.


Your hair feathers in shampoo ads

they call it split ends so you’ll want

to fix it.  Risist this


When shampoo is outlawed

the feathers will prevail.  Until that day

my feathers are secret.


I love it!  It’s perfect.  I want to frame it and hang it on my wall.  Currently, I don’t think you can buy any of Matt’s work anywhere, though I totally told him it needs to be out there in the world.  I quickly scanned over a few others he had ready for other anxious folks + they were all fascinating.  You can find Matt on Twitter and hopefully at the next Sola pop-up!


2 thoughts on “Feathers for Me

  1. Hi Kristin! I’m glad you liked your poem. I will most certainly be back at the May pop-up market at Sola. Until then I’ll announce any public typing on my twitter. Thanks for the write-up!

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