bird + beau

Made in NC Yo

sola coffee cafe donuts | raleigh nc

1 // Sola Coffee‘s fresh made hot mini donuts of pure goodness + sugar.  A must before my roadtrip to Wilmington for Made in NC!  And a large caramel latte, of course.  Sola is super, you guys.  Raleigh folk, you need to go here if you don’t already.

made in nc show at brooklyn arts center | wilmington nc

2 // My best friend, E, with her gorgeous hair and sweetheart spirit!  She hung out with me all weekend.  She is seriously THE best you guys.  Love you, E!!!

bloody mary at bac | wilmington nc

3 // Dude made a good Bloody Mary.  Props to the bartender at Brooklyn Arts Center who literally mixed each one accordingly… worcestershire, tobasco, lemon, spices, all the goodness, made to order.  Good job, dude!

made in nc show wares | wilmington nc

4 // My pink hippo!  So… Friday E saw a girl with a dinosaur succulent plant thingamabopper + decided she ought to get one for the boys, so she put in a request with the artist, Susan.  Saturday morning, first thing, she wanted to go snag hers.  I said “I wish she’d have a hippo.”  Low and behold, she HAD a hippo!!!  What?!  Of course, I had to buy it.  Pink would probably not have been my first choice, but OH, how I love it.  We set our new pals up on the table for the day + sent many an interested folk down to Susan to find their own sweet new garden pals.

Thanks for having me, Made in NC!  It was such a fun event + I hope to return again next year.  Thanks to everyone who came out in the rain to see us.  xo


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