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Digging These Rocks

Once every few months the gem show comes to town.  I get about as excited for this thing as a kid does for the carnival.  The circuits are probably pretty similar really… traveling town to town, setting up, putting on a show + peddling goods, then packing up and heading to the next spot where the masses will swoop in with wide-eyes gazing, murmuring oohs + ahhs.

gems + minerals | raleigh nc

The stars of this show don’t juggle or walk high-wires, but they sparkle and shimmer and glisten and the colors boggle your mind.  I mean, nature — NATURE — does this.  Gorgeous, these things are.

gems + minerals | pyrite chunks | raleigh ncgems + minerals | raleigh ncgems + minerals | raleigh nc

The one I kept oohing + ahhing over was sulfur, which is crazy because sulfur stinks (the gas, it smells like horrible eggs).  But in crystal form, it’s quite lovely.  It’s that yellow one right up there — of course, the yellow one is the one I love.  Pretty, right?

gems + minerals | raleigh nc

Flourite also kept catching our eyes — my friend, Madison, went with me, to ooh + ahh and keep me from spending my savings.  Pyrite was another fave, as evidenced by the bagful we brought home.  Who knows what really went through my hubby’s mind when he saw that bag of rocks.  He was a sweetheart though and encouraging of my secret plans for them.

gems + minerals | raleigh nc

We left the really pricey ones sadly behind, however, bringing home only these photos of them.  That chrysocolla with quartz right there was a hot $650.  Gorgeous, but I like food more than I do rocks and that would feed me for at least three months.

You’ll have to come see some of the pyrite chunks I got this weekend at The Rock & Shop Market — that is right, I will be debuting my new rocks at the ROCK & Shop Market.  Yep, I’m a dork.


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