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He’s Not Here

he's not here live show | raleigh nc

This photo is a tad bit grainy, but I think the fellas of He’s Not Here would agree that that’s just fine.  It works.  Their style, derived from the era of prohibition, fast cars, + toe-tappin’ music, is refined, yet dirty.  There is a rawness to it, despite their dapper appearance.

These gents have been practicing literally right below where I sit for the past few months; their ramped up ragtime-esque tunes rattle below and I listen while I work, most often humming, tapping, or dancing along without effort.  The idea of this band sparked my interest from the start — modern prohibition rock — and their practices get better with age.

Saturday night these fellas donned their vintage attire and set out to play their first gig.  The location could not have been more fitting — a low-lit and crowded basement.  I’m pretty sure there might have even been some hooch passed around.  It was perfect.

I went to this underground party expecting to see the band I thought I knew play their first show.  I saw a show alright, the first of what is sure to be many.  The guys did not simply play, they created an experience, a story.  With their music, they told a tale and they captivated the crowd with their energy.  Specifically, at one point I remember taking it all in, their music, the space, and thinking that it was really rather genuine feeling, as if it actually could have been taking place nearly ten decades prior… right up until the girl filming on her iPad passed in front of me.

I was excited to see the crowd so authentically charmed.  These fellas have a story to tell and it’s worth listening to.  You can hear more of their tale here.


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