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Monday Mash-Up

monday mash-up: instagram pics + updates

1 // Me + my thumb.  This past week I got confirmation emails from two of my fave shows: The Rock & Shop Market and The Handmade Market!  Super exciting news.  I feel so happy + lucky to have had some great shows + opportunities come my way recently!  Check ’em all out here.

2 // Hanging at Let’s Shop Local.  The ceiling in the Holhouser Building at the fairgrounds is pretty cool.  See more pics from the show on Instagram.  It was a little slow yesterday, but I met some nice folks + made a few things too.  Makers gonna make, you know.

3 // Newbs.  Keeping ’em coming… with five (six?) shows on the roster, I am making as many new pretties as I can.  This one will be added to my POP! collection.

4 // Caffeeeeeeeine.  Also, keeping this coming.  Plus, it’s cold again today.  With another chance of snow tomorrow.  Are you kidding me?!  What is up Tuesdays?  Why do you hate spring?  Just give in already + let that sun shine!

5 // Sawing + daydreaming.  I love to work by my window in the studio, but today I was daydreaming of warmer weather.  That little cutie on my saw blade is for a friend, but soon I will be making more.  Rad, right?  It takes forever to hand cut each one, but it’s totally worth it.


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