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Lots of Lovin’ Today

Last week I started an impromptu tradition-of-sorts by sending out some much deserved love to people/places around Raleigh and the web just because.  Because I like them, they were on my mind, and, by golly, they deserved it!  I can’t give up a tradition before it really even becomes one, so this week I’ve got some more hump day lovin’ for you.  Enjoy!

camels in love - so cute!

  • My friend Lindsay has this great blog, George and She, and she just set up her Facebook page, so check it out!  She has been helpful + encouraging to me getting b+b up and she’s a huge inspiration too.  Also, she makes a mean peach pie.
  • NC Blogger Buzz is coming up this Friday and I am pumped.  It was Lindsay who actually introduced me to the TriFABB girls last month and I registered for this next event, which should be really informative.  I will let you know how it goes — I’m excited!
  • My friend Michelle owns the most darling shop in downtown Cary called Gather and she was interviewed on the Etsy wholesale blog today!  So awesome.  She is also the founder of the Rock & Shop Market, among many other endeavors + adventures!
  • RAW Raleigh SPECTRUM is going to be at the Lincoln Theatre next month and it’s going to be spectacular, I know it.  My friend Justin is also in the show + he does some crazy cool illustrations worth checking out.  This show + mix of artists deserves a full-on blog post, so keep an eye out for that very soon.
  • Last, but most definitely not least, a shout out to one of my hubby’s bands (yep, he’s in more than one because he’s a rockstar!): Bird and Beast is one of his newest projects, but already they are about to record an album.  Yep, our names are super similar, but I had nothing to do with the name of their band and I can’t say I don’t like it because, well, of course, I do.  Give the guys a listen — good stuff!

That adorably hilarious photo of those kissing camels up there is by Jason Hines.


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