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TBT: Copper + Pearls Bracelet

tbt: copper + pearls bracelet

For age old jewelry shots, I rather like this photo and I needed a redemption one after last week’s not-so-great picture.  Coincidentally, this is another bracelet.  A fancy beaded chain double-strand bracelet at that and it boasts pearls and semi-precious stones on copper.

It was probably about eight years ago when I shot this.  I got dolled up one morning to stage a shoot and I wanted to take some snazzy pics, so I poured some cranberry juice into a wine glass to play the part.  Ha!  I think my acceptable let’s-have-a-drink hours have broadened by then.  Though if I were to re-stage this today, it would most likely be a bloody mary in hand.  Or a pretty mimosa in a tall flute with a slice of strawberry on the rim.  That would be quite fancy, wouldn’t you agree?


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