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Oh, Just A Ramble-Scramble

Today, sweets, I have lots to share.  So much goodness coming at you… here is a ramble-scramble of what’s been up with some cute pics too.

a southern shopping spree booth + my little helperSaturday I got to explore the underside of the Raleigh Convention Center whilst finding my way up to the tippy top to Ballroom A for A Southern Shopping Spree!  A humungo thanks to my hubby for helping me navigate the loading dock + freight elevator, while pushing my cart for me! The weather was so lovely out, so there weren’t as many folks indoors as everyone would’ve liked, but I did have some very special visitors come by + met some new folks too.  (My nephew, Ry, loved helping make things with my “plowers!”)

winner of giveawayI held a drawing Saturday at the show + the lucky winner was Sylvia!  (Check your email, Sylvia!)  Exciting, right?  Thanks to everyone who entered.  And a special thanks to my nice neighbor, Patty, who kindly let me borrow a couple of tables for the event.  You’ll have to come by one of my next shows for your own shot at winning, ladies + gents.  I just added Let’s Shop Local to the lineup, which will be just down the road at the State Fairgrounds in a couple of weeks.  Get your craft fair on + then hit up the flea market!

february winningsSpeaking of contests, these lovelies to the left went out to my Valentine’s winners: sparkly wooden studs, b+b pins, and Rifle Paper notebooks!  The best part is that another surprise giveaway is coming up on Friday.  Because February isn’t the only month for love, I’m drawing a name on the 14th of each month — simply make sure you’re on my email list for a chance to win (click “Show Some Love” in the sidebar, if not).  This month, Instagram followers will have double the chance.  Follow me here!

working on orders + tan linesToday was pool worthy and I couldn’t have been happier!  I didn’t go to the pool, as it probably isn’t open yet; besides, I had orders to fill and that is just as exciting as the pool.  I did, however, sit outside on the deck to work on my tan while I made some new pretties.  Also, I finally downloaded the VSCOcam app and it’s my new addiction.  That and my new Diana app, which of course I love because I have a real Diana camera that is so fun.  Do you use either of these apps?  Tell me your fave.

rock and shop marketAs if this weather + all weren’t exciting enough, today I spotted a photo of my necklace in the Rock & Shop Market email reminder for artists… which means [I think] I am IN!!!  How so very super exciting!  Last fall I participated and it was awesome.  This go ’round, my friend’s band is also playing — Saints Apollo.  Check them out.  And, of course, then come see me, them, + all the other amazing vendors and bands on April 5th.  This spring/summer lineup is the best you guys — check out the rest here.

Okay, see, that was a lot.  But it’s all so exciting that I couldn’t hold any of it back.  Now I’m off to go cut out some new shiny necklace bits.  xo

Tell me what you’re up to this week!  How is this warm weather inspiring you?


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