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TBT: Lampwork Bracelets

tbt: lampwork beaded bracelet trio

It was many moons ago when I made this funky bracelet.  The photo is just awful, but the bracelet has quite the story.  If I remember correctly (I did say this was many moons ago), I made a total of four similar lampwork beaded bracelets.  Maybe it was three.  Nonetheless, I actually even made the glass beads you see — those are lampwork beads and they are fun!  A torch is involved and silly glasses and neat things happen.

Back to the story.  Many moons ago, when my bills were low and my paychecks were high, I would adopt a kid or two for Christmas and buy them lots of goodies.  This particular year, I wound up with sisters and wanted to make something extra pretty for them.  I made similar bracelets for each and included an extra so that they would have a gift to give their mother.  Hopefully, those girls have had many, many wonderful Christmases since!

It’s funny going through old jewelry photos and remembering the stories behind each piece.  It’s even funnier sorting through the images I don’t show you.  Some of them are horrendous.  Truly.  The pic above — I super duper edited.  It was practically sepia toned to start and not in a good or purposeful way.  Ha.  And by “Ha” I really mean Ugh.  Happy #TBT day, gang!


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