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February Highs

Hello loves.  That last week of February slipped right by, didn’t it?!  And March is here making its grand entrance with an undecided mix of weather — yesterday it was warm enough to sun on the deck + today it might actually snow.  Crazy.  Here’s hoping for more sunshine!

Like the weather, happenings around here have been scattered with highs + lows across the board.  We’ll skip over the lows for today, despite this eerily cold weather approaching.  Recent highs include:

eight recent happenings + good things

  1. New Hexi bracelets hit the shop to keep their pretty pals, Hexi necklaces, some sweet company.
  2. Things get real penning new show dates + happenings in this pretty new polka dotted planner by Sugar Paper.  After watching Hilary Rushford + Whitney English chat and mention the Day Designer a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to push my pen to paper.
  3. Front row at G. Love with my love!  Super show at Lincoln Theatre last weekend… a post Valentine’s day date!  Dude, he even handed me his set list — awesome [special] sauce!
  4. More nuggets coming right up!  Colorful, recycled, shiny nuggets.  Get ’em while they’re hot!
  5. Giving my saw and biceps a work out recently, cutting new funky shapes for some pretty goodies!  Always be the first to know on Instagram!
  6. Sawing some more tubes to stock up on new Hexi pieces!
  7. My cassette collection went from zero to awesome last weekend for under a buck fifty.  What?!  Thank you Cause for Paws thrift store.
  8. Pop!  New pieces being created + photographed for the new + lovely POP collection.

What about you — what were your February highs?


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