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TBT: Rocking Horse Necklace

tbt: rocking horse necklace

This is certainly the worst TBT photo I’ve shared to date: it’s busy + there’s a reflection, both of which distract from that charming rocking horse.  I actually had to refrain from sharing an even worse photo of a necklace on a shoe; it would have been hilarious, but far too embarrassing.  Yet, here I am telling you about it, so that in itself kind of makes me uneasy.  A shoe?!  No way.  Which leads me to…

Top 3 rules for photographing small pretty things:

  • Do not surround your small pretty thing with bigger distracting things.
  • Do not photograph your small pretty thing on something highly reflective, which will inherently reflect annoying bigger things.
  • Do not photograph your small pretty thing on a dirty surface, like a rusty tin, or, most definitely, not a shoe.

Let’s get back to the rocking horse though, because despite this image, it is a sweet little necklace.  The charm itself was mine when I was a little girl.  I love it because it reminds me of my real rocking horse, that my mother designed + my father built.  Currently, it’s in my mom’s attic, but one day I intend to bring it home with me!  The necklace, however — which includes a button, Peruvian opal, + strawberry jade — has a little home in my closet.

Taking a piece of jewelry from childhood and incorporating into something a bit more grown-up is a great way to continue treasuring your trinkets.  Want something custom?  Do, please, let me know!


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