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POP Goes a New Collection

I have had this new collection hiding out in my pocket for a few weeks and it’s all I could do to keep it under wraps, less a few Instagram sneak peeks, of course.  I.  Am.  So.  Excited!

recycled cork jewelry by bird + beau

Meet the POP Collection!  This little family of gems is totally multifaceted and eco-friendly to boot.  They come in a range of colors, but underneath they are all green.  Hand-cut from recycled wine corks, each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

the POP collection: recycled cork jewelry from bird + beau

Aren’t they lovely?  Do you see why I’ve been so very excited to debut these beauties?!  Eek!

POP collection: mint + glitter recycled cork jewelry set by bird + beau

What makes the POP Collection so multifaceted?  To start with, each piece is cut by hand from recycled cork; with extreme attention to detail, every cut is made to create intentional facets that are interesting and balanced.  Once the desired shape is achieved, I hand paint each little “gem” using quality paints, fine glitters, and a durable glaze.  Quite truly, each piece in the POP Collection is a miniature masterpiece!

If that isn’t enough, cork is quite a durable material boasting impermeability, buoyancy, elasticity and fire resistance.  In fact, my entire upstairs floor is made of cork!  Likely it’s primary use, however, is stopping wine, which is exactly where the pieces — and the name — in the POP Collection got their start.

POP collection: glitter recycled cork jewelry set by bird + beau

Shown in this blog post are the first few pieces to debut in this new collection (listed below with links), but rest assured that there is more to come!  I have a few other varieties just about ready for their photo shoots, so they’ll be finding their way into the shop over the next week.  You’ll see lots of spring + summer inspired resort colors popping up, but in the meantime, if you have a color to request, I am all ears.

So tell me… what do you think of these new pretties?  I hope you love them!  Don’t miss your chance to check them out in person at one of my upcoming shows.

Featured in this post: POP mint glitter ring (or lovingly referred to as the first of my “bling pops”), POP mint glitter studs, + POP glitter rock studs


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