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An Alt Summit Encore

overcoming overwhelm web conference with hilary rushford + whitney english

Earlier in the week I came across an encore presentation of a chat that Hilary Rushford and Whitney English put together for Alt Summit.  They held this live online encore Thursday, but I was unable to join in at that time; luckily for me, they emailed a recording the next day.  So… I spent my Friday evening hunkered down with a glass of cabernet, attentively watching, listening, and scribbling notes.

It was super informative and made me hate that I was not able to attend Alt that much more!  Hilary + Whitney covered “Overcoming Overwhelm” and, to be honest, I wasn’t fully aware of how overwhelmed I’ve been this past month until tuning into their talk.  Given, I know I’ve been overwhelmed, but this really put things in perspective.

This chat was perfectly timed as well, seeing as how it answered some questions I’ve been asking over the past couple of weeks.  They each touched on some great planning points and asked some serious questions to prompt thoughts on how to tackle goals and go forth wisely.

I have grand ideas for bird + beau, of which I work toward just a little bit everyday — quite literally, I get home from my day job and I go straight to work at home.  Sometimes I feel torn between the various aspects of what I want to accomplish though, because while I’m excited to do it all, it all takes time — and, that, I have to prioritize.

Given the recent news of my day job, I’m in kind of a unique position and so my time over the past two weeks has been spent sorting it all out.  And, boy, do I mean all.  I don’t even know where to begin!  While I refer back to my “Overcoming Overwhelm” notes, go watch Hilary + Whitney dole out good advice and then come back here and let’s chat, okay?


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