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Snow Day! {Part Two}

snow day: lilyHaving just a few more fun snow day pictures to share, here’s part two.  Aside from the one above of my sweet little Lily snuggled up in an old handmade scarf, I shot these outdoors on our walk in the fluff.

snow day: stepssnow day: palmsnow day: cactussnow day: cactussnow day: bushsnow day: coneWe have quite an array of foliage around here, right?!  Those cacti are in our yard — the little one is cute, but the big one is a floppy mess right now.  It redeems itself in late spring with the most gorgeous yellow flowers though!  Well, now that the excitement is over, here’s to seeing some warm sunshine soon!


2 thoughts on “Snow Day! {Part Two}

  1. i know! we actually almost got rid of them when we moved in, but then the blossomed + the flowers are gorgeous. they aren’t exactly typical for this area though. hope you’re staying warm up north!

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