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iGrind Naturally Coffee Chat

I love it when the world acts intuitively.  It’s like when my iPod plays the perfect song on shuffle, a pick-me-up of a song that I didn’t even realize I wanted to hear, but needed.  Or when a stranger gives a completely unexpected compliment just as I’m feeling the day couldn’t get any worse.  Yesterday this moment came in the form of a networking event at a local coffee shop.  Call it what you will — karma, faith, luck — just know it’s good.

igrind naturally coffee chat, raleigh nc

It was about a week or so ago when I was looking at a local calendar of events (trying to line up some shows!) that I happened across the iGrind Naturally Coffee Chat planned for Saturday morning at New World Coffee House.  I don’t normally go to meetups and, most certainly, not alone.  However, my new year’s resolution #4 got into my head and said “GO!”

Though the event was geared toward upcoming entrepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers, + anyone desiring to grow their brand, the group’s audience is largely made up of women in the natural hair care field, along with fashion + makeup stylists.  “That’s kind of up my alley,” I thought — I mean, jewelry is fashion and I’m working on hair accessories too.  I’ll admit, though, that after looking into it a bit more, I realized that “natural hair care” goes beyond the organic products I use.  The shy part of me invoked doubt of whether I should attend, or if I would even fit in, but I kept getting a resounding “GO!” from the stick-to-my-resolutions part of me.  And so I did + I am so glad!

me + adeea, the trendy socialite + the host of igrind naturally

After the day + night I had Friday (making some lemonade), this group was exactly on point.  Adeea Rogers, “The Trendy Socialite” (pictured above), hosted the meetup along with special guest Ashley Ellis, “Miss Fab Ellis.”  They were awesome, as was the group — the room was abound with confidence, wisdom, + fabulous hairstyles.

It was encouraging to hear almost everyone share that they too have real jobs, but strive to build something more, something better, for themselves in between spending time with family and paying the bills.  Everyone was eager to learn + many had inspiring words to contribute to the topics we discussed: balance, planning, blogging, + more.  The event was slotted for two hours, but it went so well, that no one left for three.  We swapped cards + stories + support.

I, honestly, left feeling exhilarated — I stepped outside of my box and it was great.  I came home with inspiration, tips for my brand + blog, and the feeling that good things most definitely come to those that hustle.

Thank you so much to Adeea and Ashley for getting this group together — it was really great to connect with everyone!


4 thoughts on “iGrind Naturally Coffee Chat

  1. I am reading this with TEARS in my eyes…thank you first for attending. But thank you more for the kind words you shared. After reading your post from Friday night, I know Saturday was set up JUST FOR YOU. I am glad you put aside any doubts you had and attended. You added much value to the discussion and I am so glad I got a chance to meet you. We will remain in touch as I want to hear all of the wonderful things that you will do in the coming months! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for attending and affirming that I am on the right path. You blessed me!

    • Aw, Adeea — that’s such a sweet comment! Thank you so very much. You are definitely on the right path! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you as well, along with everyone else. I went on and on about it when I got home! I’d love to come again if you’re ever in town, but I will definitely keep in touch! Thank you!!! ❤

    • Thanks so much, Tamara! Same to you! It was nice to meet you 🙂 It’s really awesome seeing other aspiring women entrepreneurs with such spirit + confidence! I needed that yesterday. ❤

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