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Happy 2014!!!

happy 2014!

New Year’s Eve is so exciting — a time to reflect on the delights of the year and look forward to adventures in the next.  It’s a shame how it always seems to arrive in no time and go in a flash though.  And, literally, this year we ended it with a big, bright, loud flash of fireworks!  We threw a little party, popped some bubbly, and reveled with friends!

new year's eve photo wall props

I didn’t get as many good photos as I should have, but we had an appropriate amount of sparkle for sure.  One of my favorite parts was our photo wall!

new year's eve photo wall props

I painted several photo props along with a 2014 sign.  One of our good friends had an amazing black and white striped backdrop, perfect for the party.  She helped decorate our deck with stars and other festive decor too (thanks, Madison!).  Of course, it was a tad bit nippy… so I’m already planning our next party when we can have a photo wall accompanied by warm weather.

happy new year!

Happy 2014 to you all!  I’ve mentioned in a previous post how thankful I am to have had such great support for this little side gig of mine + I’ll say it again: I thank you for making 2013 great in that respect.  I have dozens of other reasons to be thankful for a great year, personally, as well.  I couldn’t possibly list them all, but one of our biggest moments of 2013 was certainly buying our first home, which kind of just blows my mind every day.  My hubby and I also celebrated our first year wedding anniversary and we were lucky enough to help four — FOUR! — sets of friends celebrate their big days this past year too.  To quote the Beatles, “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better… it’s getting better all the time!”  Here’s to a new year full of adventure!


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