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Recently, I’ve made it somewhat of a habit to scroll through my Pulse app before bed.  I’ve been reading lots of articles on how to market to the right audience, how to grow my small business, and tips on how to stand out amongst all of the other wonderful little (and big) businesses out there.  These articles fascinate + inspire me.

be kind quote

I read one article awhile ago that particularly resonated with me.  I’ve tried to go back and find it and I cannot, however, it was written by an emerging entrepreneur that was taking a very transparent approach to her business.  She wrote about how she kept waiting for the perfect moment to reveal her website to the world, wanting all of her ducks to be in perfect rows beforehand, until she realized that it did not have to be flawless and that it very likely never would be.  So she wrote about her shortcomings and her wins as well, and she turned those little imperfections into success.  I liked the article because I have felt the same way at times — I held off on my new website until my logo was redesigned and I almost passed up amazing opportunities because my supply was not at the level I thought it should be.  Thankfully, I realized awhile back what the article’s author did, that preconceived ideas of perfection can be seriously debilitating.  And you know what?  I’ve come to view the imperfections of my business as personality.  At times, the ideas of how I want my business to be and how it really is in its growing state can become a bit muddled, but I hope to maintain the idea that what it is is perfect in its own way.

As a new year approaches, I cannot help but to think in terms of how I hope to grow my business and how I want to project what I believe in through my business.  (Obviously, my article reading is paying off, right?!)  I like the idea of sharing my ideas, wins, and even shortcomings with you, my fans, friends, and family, because hopefully you will be the ones to speak up and let me know what you think — good or bad.

For the new year, my bird + beau resolutions:

  • Be kind.  Always.  Good ol’ Mister Rogers said it well, didn’t he?  (Quote pictured above.)  No harm can ever come from being kind.
  • Take chances.  This past year, I took a few and to great surprise.  This year, I will make an effort to take more!
  • Be transparent.  Share the good and the bad and grow from it.
  • Network + collaborate.  I am pretty good about networking online, but I can be a little shy in real-life scenarios.  In 2014 I will step out of my bubble, meet people, and push for some grand collaborations.
  • Never give up.  It’s hard juggling a full-time job while trying to grow my own small business and there are certainly some nights that I just want to cozy up on the couch, but I love doing what I do and I resolve to not give up on my dream.

What are your resolutions for 2014?  Personal or business.

The image I used in this post is not my own — I wish it were!  It’s great.  Sadly, I could not find a source; however, should any of you know who might have stitched this lovely embroidery hoop, do let me know.


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