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How It’s Made: Business Cards

You probably know by now that I quite enjoy sharing behind-the-scenes shots + posts.  I’m always curious about the processes and tools that are utilized in making things, so I tend to assume that maybe others are interested too.  I can’t give all of my secrets away, of course, but I like to share what I can, when I can.  I do this a lot on Instagram, but today I have couple of process shots of how I create my business cards.

business cards + roundcorneringbusiness cards + roundcornering

My cards are simple, nothing all too crazy, but I like them.  They feature my hand-lettered logo along with my website address on one side, with a photo of one my necklaces and all of my contact info on the reverse.  I have them printed on 100% recycled stock through the company I work for and then I personally roundcorner them with the handy dandy gadget shown above.  Pretty cool, right?


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