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TBT: Grossular Garnet Alt Earrings

grossular garnet + sterling silver alt earrings

These grossular garnet earrings are a bit geeky chic, right?  The stones are gorgeous… even more so in person.  While I love the shape of those hand-formed + hammered + brushed ear hooks, they are a little circuit-board-esque, hence the geeky chic comment and the reason for photographing them on my elegantly nerdy white iBook.  LOVE.

Quick story (and pitch?!): I still have that super cool iBook.  The Apple geniuses referred to it as “Vintage” a few years ago when I took it in about a little teensy problem (the hard drive… teensy, right?).  The guy I first showed it to was enamored by the condition of it, calling over other geniuses to take a peek.  I felt hopeful… until they referred me elsewhere.  But I felt slightly comforted seeing them lust over it for a second.  It is quite fetching.  It’s also for sale.  By now it’s more than vintage, it’s got to be a collectible.  One of these days, it might even go for a pretty dollar on Antiques Road Show.  You should probably buy now, while my asking price is low.  Wink, wink.

In all seriousness, the little laptop is for sale.  Message me if interested.  And those earrings… well, I don’t have anymore of those exact grossular garnets on hand, but I’d be happy to come up with something similar for you, if you’re interested.


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