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TBT: Picasso Quartz Earrings

sterling silver + smoky quartz picasso earrings

Maybe I’m [subconsciously] holding out on you… but I’m not ashamed of this photo either.  Here I thought showing off previous works might reveal some awful shots, but this isn’t so bad.  (Not to toot my own horn, so to speak!)  Trust me, there are some that should remain hidden, though I promise to bring them out soon.  Pinky promise.

These cubist earrings are intricate, don’t you think?!  I should probably make more.  They’re a fun pair.  I believe I named them after Picasso several years ago, but I’ll have to tell you, that painting they’re resting on (well, it’s a painting in a book) isn’t Picasso’s.  It’s Theo van Doesburg‘s Contra-Composition of Dissonances, XVI.  Can you believe it’s from 1925?  The Dutch painter was quite an interesting character.  Google his name and you’ll find a head shot of him with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.  You’ll also learn that Theo van Doesburg wasn’t even his real name, and he went by several, taking on various roles at times.  The progression of his work is actually rather radical, later gravitating toward ultra-simplified forms, quite possibly influenced by his interest in architecture.  Go take a look-see and get your art history lesson for the day.

If you like what you see, do let me know!  It might be a little while before you’ll see these in the shop, but I would be thrilled to make a pair especially for you as soon as you’d like.  If you want to see other ideas, find me on Pinterest.


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