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Get Gifts + Give Back

Within a month of moving into our new house (back in April), a neighbor had a yard sale, from which I took home a small bag of recycled paper beads.  I wound up making myself a long delicate necklace mixed with coral beads and a chalcedony briolette as a tiny charm — my favorite!  When my friend shared how much she loved the necklace (and wanted one for herself!), I went out in search of finding more recycled beads.

I was beyond excited to find Outreach Uganda, a non-profit organization that empowers + supports women and their children in Africa through various means.  They sell handmade fair trade paper beads and other gift products online, with the profits going back to the very women who crafted the items.  Through my purchase of two bags of beads, I learned about two of their many beaders, Gutu Milly and Irene Abalo.  It is incredible to be able to make even the smallest difference in these ladies’ lives.

recycled paper necklace made with beads from uganda

The stories behind what this organization is doing inspires me to make additional recycled paper bead pieces for my collection.  You can feel good knowing that these paper beads are helping to spread a little good across the world.  Better yet, I will be donating 10% of my paper bead jewelry sales through the end of the year back to Outreach Uganda.  I would love to be able to sponsor one of the many children in need; however, any donation certainly helps.  As the season of giving thanks + spreading good will approaches, I encourage you to find ways to help others while buying for the ones you love.

I will soon be adding similar pieces in the shop, but feel free to contact me if you have a special request of your own!


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