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A Necklace for No Fool

Meet this little gem: pyrite.  Technically, it’s a mineral, but still it’s quite a gem, right?  This metallic iron sulfide nugget also goes by “Fool’s gold,” but if you ask me, only a fool wouldn’t love it!  In fact, aside from looking pretty, it has all sorts of fascinating qualities.

faceted pyrite delicate layering necklacefaceted pyrite delicate layering necklace

Admittedly, I bought a couple of these golden lovelies on a whim; they were shiny and faceted and I had to have them.  Not until looking up a bit more about pyrite did I find what wonders surround it.  I’m not generally in to stones for the powers they possess, but maybe there’s a little bit to the legends.  I was excited to find that pyrite holds all sorts of potential: it boosts creativity, wards off negativity, and has protective qualities.  That wasn’t all according to this article, but there’s too much to translate.  I also read that pyrite should rest in the sun for an hour a month — perhaps to harness some energy from the grand star.  After all, it is named after the Greek word for “Fire.”

Regardless as to whether you believe in the metaphysical properties of stones, this little gem is a lovely one.  I think I’ll go make myself a necklace now.  And, yes, I’ll make some more to share as well!

This particular necklace just recently sold!  If you are interested in one like it, please let me know.  It’s a great layering piece or sweet + simple worn alone.  And, hey, it’s magical!  (Also, it’s a steal at only $28!)


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